Maine to Pittsburgh | New Market Insights

8 Replies | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wanted to shoot a quick introduction out. I'm an investor from Maine who is beginning to source deals in Pittsburgh and surrounding boroughs. My partner and I focus on wholesaling but also love to buy and hold. We've chosen Pittsburgh as our next market based on the current expansion of tech and undervalued inventory with the indicators pointing in the right directions. We've implemented marketing strategies that have been resulting in a solid number of leads. Here is our issue, we are talking to a lot of homeowners who are very motivated to sell, our issue is determining if there areas or worth investing in. I'd say I have a decent understanding of which boroughs are attracting the most attention but I would like to get more granular insights into specific areas and streets that should be honed in on. Would love to connect with anyone who wants to talk shop and further help me understand the many unique areas of Allegheny County. Look forward to connecting and appreciate your time and recommendations. 

I am just south of Pittsburgh in Washington County. It is a decent area but watch out in Pittsburgh, some roads can be slums and the next road is for royalty. If you get any deals in Washington County please let me know, I am buying up rentals and doing flips.