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Hi I am currently  seeking a great accountant in the Pittsburgh area that knows the ins and outs of real estate taxes and codes etc. Someone who is easy to work with and will be able to help me make a great tax strategy and structure for my business that wont leave me handing all my hard earned money to Uncle Sam. Any reference would be greatly appreciated.

@Andrew M Hawkins

Are you open to working with an accountant outside of Pittsburgh? Technology has made it easier to accountants to work with investors regardless of location.

There are 20+ accountants on this message board who specialize in real estate taxation. You may want to reach out to a few and see who you connect with well.

@Andrew M Hawkins

Our local accountant is Holsinger P.C. up in Wexford here in Allegheny County. William L. Stunkel is the right person on that team to get started with as a landlord.