Pittsubrgh roofer recommendation

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I'm looking for a trusted roofing company in the Pittsburgh area, specifically one with experience working on slate roofs and old box gutters. Any recommendations?

@Ali Groat - Chris from West Hills Roofing, PM me if you want his cell. But also, you might want to check out Thumbtack, I got 3 bids the day I posted, and it was the Friday before Labor Day

@Ali Groat I have an old duplex that needed a new roof this year.  It was slate with box gutters.  I started trying to get estimates around May and it took about 6 weeks just to get estimates.  I ended up only getting two.  It was frustrating.  I ended up going with Windows R Us.  Their price was was about what I expected and they did the job on time.  I have no concerns with the quality, but time will tell on that one.  If you need a contact, PM and I can send you details.

@Ali Groat for what it's worth, I have a client that needed a few small patches in Bellevue. He called 5 different places and they all said they were booked until next year. Then I called a friend (who works in equipment rentals)seeing if he knew anyone, turns out there was some kind of weather event a little north of PGH that caused damage to about 24,000 roofs. This was about 2 weeks ago that I called him. 

Thumbtack is a good suggestion, i actually used them when i first moved to Pittsburgh to build my network and to get clients. Just cross reference the company name on Google and BBB... It's been pretty common for people to "hire" themselves and leave themselves good reviews on thumbtack. 

Hope this helps:)

@John Theriault I'm getting that answer from a lot of companies too that they're booked out for the rest of the year (even for quotes), but I didn't know about the weather event. That could explain it. I'll keep trying... Thanks for the info & the tip about Thumbtack!