I want to know Pittsburg better- Hi BP!

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Hi everybody!

My name is Shai and I'm OOS (or even OOC) investor in PGH. I have one rental already (15204) and in the process of purchasing my second one.

In this past year I have studied PGH and the neighborhoods and I fill like I know it pretty well... And still, PGH is so steet by street city that I fill like I can use some more help with getting to know it better.

I would really appreciate to hear what you are considering C and B neighborhoods and what are the ones that you wouldn't step a foot into.

Also, on my last deal I was working with my realtors' title company. I would like to try a different one now- have any of you can recommend on PV settelment? Or you maybe got a recommended title company that you are working with?

Thank you in advance!

I have been a local to Pittsburgh for over 20 years. The neighborhood that makes me the most skeptical is Duquesne or Clairton. The neighborhoods in the SE Corridor of the city seem to be the most out of touch neighborhoods. B and C neighborhoods are scattered all through the city. I think places like the south side and the slopes and Beechview would be B neighborhoods, and places like Carrick, Homestead, and Mt. Oliver would be considered C neighborhoods. I'd love to connect and pass over deals to you that I may come across.

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It's Pittsburgh. Don't leave off the final "h."

I'm going to tell you a secret about this place. It's very easy to underestimate the importance of common courtesy here. But for many of the locals, there are human beings who say "sir" and "ma'am" to their elders and hold doors for them, and there is subhuman trash. Ignore this at your own risk.

@Shai Flax I Just started looking for multi family in the Pittsburgh area, open to JV if the numbers fit. Used to live in Uptown/Bloomfield. Would walk the city spring-fall seasons. So I'm pretty familiar with each neighborhood. Also have a small team that looks for deals on line and many connections on the ground in Pittsburgh. Let me know if you'd like to do some work together.

Of the half dozen or so settlement companies I've dealt with in Pittsburgh, Greg Gerlach at Ally Settlement is by far the best. I've worked with him on 4 deals now and he is great. Let me know if you want contact info. 

@Shai Flax I like the 15204 area. 15205 and 15220 are also decent. They are street specific and you really need to get to know the markets here in Pittsburgh because they can be tricky. I would slow down before you start to purchase another property. I see too many investors get all charged up because they can buy real estate here on the cheap but you can lose money here very quickly.

@Alex Deacon Thanks!

I'm trying to evoid D neighborhoods But C is what I can afford right now since I'm not qalified for a loan in the US (I didnt find anyone who would loan me at least)... I'm trying to make sure that I'm looking in not the worst areas with agents, PM's and crime maps