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Happy New Year,

I'm reaching out to connect with professionals in the Pittsburgh area. A lifelong friend and I are motivated to (virtually) meet and connect with those in REI working in the Pittsburgh area.

I'm active duty military and living in California with two rental properties (one in Virginia Beach & one in Pittsburgh) and my close friend owns a single family in Baltimore.  We're seriously looking to connect with individuals who are open to chatting or to working with two motivated guys who have goals of building a diverse portfolio overtime in the Pittsburgh area.



Hey Matt, and Happy New Year. 

I'm presently a facilities engineer by trade, who does some construction and maintenance for landlords on the side, hoping to get back into the private real estate game. I used to be a landlord and flipper in New Zealand until a couple of years ago when I liquidated my portfolio and moved out here to Pittsburgh. I'm just buying my time and making some connections while I build my credit history again - worst part about moving country haha! I'm always down to chat to people about REI, especially in the Pittsburgh market.

Happy New Year all! 

My name is Brad and I currently work and live in Pittsburgh. I bought a property in north of Pittsburgh and am looking to build a portfolio here and around the area! Looking to make some great connections. Please feel free to reach out! 

Hi there! I recently started a small scale real estate development company here in Pittsburgh, HeyDay Development. We focus on community development and community driven investment. We aim to bring buildings and properties back to their heyday, at the same time providing affordable and middle income rental housing. I’d love to connect and learn more about your goals! Thanks.

Miranda Micire

@Matt Cecala Love to see the expansion! All of my family is from Pittsburgh and I’m currently in Virginia Beach. I know it’s not a super helpful comment for your end goal but my wife and I are looking for a second rental in Virginia Beach if you were interested in freeing up some funds for your Pittsburgh expansion. Let me know and good luck!

Hey @Matt Cecala , Happy New Year, Im still learning the ropes to REI but I lived in Pittsburgh and love the area. Looking to purchase my first property there this year, would love to hear your advice, lets connect!

@Matt Cecala Hi Matt and everyone else here. Yes Pittsburgh is a good choice for Investors who either live here or are remote as the buy-in is a lot more conducive than other more saturated markets. You can certainly find a property for cash flow that may also bring you a strong return on that investment. However, if you don't know the layout here, it's best to get with those that do as properties change street by street and sometimes even on the same street. I've lived here my whole life and have really seen a dramatic change in this amazing city. 

Hi Matt and all,

I'm a transplant (former military as well) with one apartment building in the N Hills and on the hunt for the next one. I've met several investors in the area and I'm always interested in expanding my network and talking with others in the REI space. Would love to connect.