Rental Investments in Pittsburgh, PA

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I’m looking to build a team to help me start my real estate portfolio. I’m originally from the Pittsburgh but moved to California ~8 years ago and currently own a single family home in the Bay Area. I’ve been fortunate enough to house hack my way to this point where I have a decent amount of equity built up and would like to start investing in long term rentals; and eventually some short term ones as well.

I'm in the process of pulling the equity out of this home and would like to invest in properties I can BRRRR in and around the Pittsburgh area. I've been doing research on the market for the past ~3 months and have found a handful of potential properties that I am finally ready to make my purchase. All I need are some reliable people to run these properties by and a few trustworthy contractors and I'm ready to roll!

With that said, please let me know if there’s anything you can offer or would willing to share about long term rentals in the Pittsburgh Area.

Hey Brother, 

My name is James and I not only live in Concord but I'm from East Liverpool, OH..In CA. I own a SFH 3Bd, 2Ba, and a 2Bd. 2Ba apartment, in OH. I own a duplex I bought in 2017, I'm looking for my next purchase… Let's hook up and have coffee and talk ideas!



Pittsburgh is great for cash flow. I have been able to have been able to hit the 2% rule and better on most of my portfolio. I tend to spend more at purchase, for less of a rehab. DM me if you have questions.