List of Bethlehem Tenant Evictions, Filings, Court Judgement

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I have been investing in south Bethlehem, PA (a.k.a. historical Bethlehem) since mid 2015. I have a portfolio of 7 SFRs that I assembled between mid 2015 to mid 2017. I have been using local property managers to manage these properties.

I want to start a thread that local landlords can post their judgment claims against tenants. Hopefully, this thread will become popular enough that it will appear on the first page of search engines along with the tenant names and key words such as: eviction, judgement, filing, lease breach, deadbeat, owes rent, and lease default.

I have experience with background check services. I do not find them to be 100% in capturing everything and may not have the most up-to-date eviction filing information.

Unfortunately, I had to initiate filing for the following tenants that I came across.

Tenants with court judgments:

Josue Sierra and Jessica Sierra

Docket No. MJ-03210-LT-0000071-2017

Eileen Andino

Docket No. MJ-03210-LT-000024-2018

Kerrithe Foster and Scott Mackaravitz

Docket No. MJ-03210-LT-0000043-2019

Linda Brickhouse and Willie Brickhouse

Docket No. MJ-03210-LT-0000118-2019

I recommend the following website to screen perspective tenants. It is not user friendly and will not produce any results if you input anything wrong. However, it is an extra layer of screening for any perspective tenant.