Hello from Greenville!

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Im a new investor and hopefully soon a landlord!  Ive found several properties in small/rural towns in the upstate area that I am interested in and I am looking for other landlords in the area that might be able to tell me about the renters market.  Particularly oconee county.  Im just afraid of buying something and not being able to fill it.  Currently looking at properties 150k and under.  Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!  

@Luke B

i live and work in greenville, sc now, but was active in oconee county a few years back as a realtor.  send me a message on here if you still have any questions, and i'd be glad to help.

talk soon.


@Luke B Glad to connect with you here on BP. I am originally from Greenville, SC and we are about to complete a larger (130 unit) multifamily investment project in Greenville, SC by the end of the year. 

In our initial underwriting process we always call around to the various comps to compare vacancies and rental prices on the various unit sizes. 

We have also found www.rentometer.com to be effective for comp analysis and this will also help you make sure the prices are set properly for your SFH rentals too.