Visiting home next week! Let's connect!

4 Replies | Charleston, South Carolina

I am visiting my hometown of Charleston, SC this coming week and would love to connect with any real estate investors, property managers, contractors, etc. that are doing real estate investing in the Charleston, James Island, Mt. Pleasant markets. 

I have a couple properties I am looking at in those markets and would be great to get together with like minded folks and help each other create value in our real estate ventures!

Friday, the 22nd would be a great day to connect so just reach out to me if you would like to connect over lunch, coffee, beer, whatever. 

Hi Ellis!

We are originally from CA, and just moved to James Island in September. Would love to connect while you’re here! My husband is a contractor, and we have three rental properties, one being an Airbnb on James Island. 

@Sarah Pursell it would be great to connect with you and your husband! My wife and i also are interested in going the airbnb route on one of our units so it would be great to hear about that experience as well. 

Lets connect middle of next week and see if friday afternoon is still a good time for you. Knowing my schedule we should be free.