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Just 3 properties so far.  Is 10 the magic number for economies of scale?  I am a bit unhappy with my current provider, who has taken a few price increases without any real justification.  I am trying to understand how to get the best value out of my total insurance spend, while keeping in mind my plan to scale up in coming years.

@Michael Smith ,

Yes, I believe 10 is the magic number to see insurance reductions.

Below are a couple of agents we work closely with.

Another option is to add your 3 properties to your homeowner's policy.

Hope something works out.

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Brant Barnes Shelter Insurance 16 E Spring St Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-443-2521 479-443-6427 Fax

Johnny Miles <[email protected]> or 

Stephanie Riggins <[email protected]>

Parker Rhett, Agent | State Farm Insurance
4515 Poplar Ave, Ste 416 | Memphis, TN 38117
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Shelter is a great company,  but I would ask for their Broad Policy that covers • Burglary/Break-in damage

•  Falling Objects (like tree limbs)

•  Weight of Ice and Snow

•  Freezing of Plumbing

•  Accidental Water Damage

•  Artificially Generated Electricity

If something happens to your home that's not on the basic list you won't be covered.

Hello, @Michael Mcghee .

Below are 3 commercial agents in Memphis that we have worked closely with (sorry if the formatting is off).

Hopefully, one of them could help you.

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Van Menard

Insight Risk Management

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Patrick Hodges, AAI, CIC, CLCSVice President, Commercial LinesLipscomb & Pitts Insurance, LLC2670 Union Avenue Extended, Suite 100 Memphis, TN38112Tel: 901-321-1167| Fax: 901-321-1099 [email protected] |

Blake Dickens

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Chances are to get your best pricing at this point in time, you will want to pair the 3 rentals with your personal policies.  But, this will be a short lived plan if you are growing fast, a most personal lines companies cut you off once you get to 5 or 6. 

10 is the magic # with some insurance programs, but there are still plenty of options out there between 5 and 10 rentals.  You just need to make sure you are dealing with the right agents, and it looks like @Douglas Skipworth has done the foot work for you on that one:)