special use permit to go from SFR to multi

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Anyone done this or know much about the process?  

Call the city, or county if not in a city, Ask to speak to a zoning bored representative.  They should have a packet of information on the process.  

The typical process looks like this, though may very 

  1. Draw up plans for how the lot/parcel would be used and complies with the target zoning type's regulations.
  2. Apply for approval of plans
  3. The zoning board will mail notice all the property owners in the area.  You may have to run an add in the news paper.  Here it is 3 weeks of adds. 
  4.  Lastly there is a public hearing where you will argue the benefit to the public for the zone change. Anyone can show up to oppose your proposal.
  5. The zoning board will rule on your proposal. 


According to the guy at the planer's the special use permit is much easier than the rezoning.  Any experience with that?

I haven't done it specifically so I'm curious too. However, I was exploring the difference between special use permits and rezoning for a different potential deal (that didn't pan out). From my general research on zoning concepts, it appears that rezoning requires opening up the dialog of what the city has planned or what they want to preserve in your area. They won't typically "spot zone" to allow a factory in the middle of residential, but they would likely allow a commercial rezoning of a parcel to allow a convenience store to be built to service residents if the next closest one is 15 mins away (just a random number I threw in). Special use permits are more so of an approved bending of the rules that doesn't completely ignore the original intention. So if you are wanting to put a duplex or a 4-plex with single-family-ish styling among other single family houses you'd likely get better traction to get a special use permit than if you wanted to build a 10 unit three story building among single family houses. I know that isn't very specific advise, but I think you're on the right track with a special use permit rather than a full rezoning.

@Russell Holmes Thank you.  That jives with my interpretation.  Will keep folks posted if I learn something concrete here.

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