Possible Utility Theft by Tenants - MLGW

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We bought a duplex with tenants going through the eviction process. We reached an agreement and they moved out. Today I called to transfer the utilities to my name (lights/water are still on)- turns out that according to MLGW, the utilities were turned off in each unit a month before the tenants moved out!!!

Looks like these 'stellar' tenants were stealing utilities. Has anyone dealt with MLGW in this sort of situation? How does MLGW handle this? Who is liable for the month's usage? Lastly, the former tenants really did a number on the prior owner and will continue to take advantage of well-meaning landlords. Is there a way to turn them in?

How would y'all approach this?

We have purchased many homes with outstanding MLGW bills by past owners/tenants. All you should have to do is prove you are the new owner by showing your HUD and in most cases, they will turn it on for you.

In some rare cases, you will have to pay the bill but not usually. 

Good luck