Best Rehab Materials For BRRRR in Memphis

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I am looking to do my first BRRRR in the Memphis area. I'm curious as to what are the best / common materials used for B neighborhoods for items such as counter tops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc.

Being cost effective yet modern I am thinking -

Flooring - Vinyl Plank - Whole house

Cabinets - Repainting (or RTA)

Counter tops - Low end Granite 

Back splash - Subway

Blinds - White vinyl 

What about bathroom vanities and hardware? 

Any recommendations would be helpful.


If the house has hardwood flooring, I would have it professionally refinished with polyurethane topcoat, ceramic tile in kitchen and bath, formica counter tops, painted cabinets if current cabinets are in good condition but if in really bad shape it can be better to tear them out and go with pre-painted white cabinets. In bathroom we use free standing sinks with a pre-finished cabinet above the toilet, new toilet and matching fixtures in bath/shower and sink. If tub is in good condition, just clean it up but if damaged check out getting it refinished. It's hard to know how much to do but the newer everything looks, the better in most cases.  In Memphis, hardwood floors are a real desired amenity but if renovating a house with no crawl space or no existing hardwood flooring, I'd probably go the route of either vinyl planks or laminated wood floors. It's pretty easy to get tile work done in Memphis at a very good price so we do tile in kitchens and baths since it holds up so much better and we can get it for the same or less than installed vinyl plank floors.  

You can see some good pictures of recently renovated mid-range priced houses that have been sold but not yet closed if you check out any of the residential listing platforms to see what the finished product might look like.  You should see some in 38122 ($80-100k), 38018 ($100K and up). Houses in decent areas that are under $150,000 are selling within days of going on the market.  

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