Trip to Memphis for OOS Investor

7 Replies | Memphis, Tennessee

I'm planning a trip out to Memphis 8/7-8/11. I'm about to book my trip, but wanted to see if there was anything I should consider before coming out. I am planning to try and set up meeting with some property managers, agents, and perhaps some other investors if I have time. I'm also going to be driving all the areas I have been looking to invest in so I can get a feel for them. I want to be sure this isn't a wasted trip and I make the most of my time! 

If your goal is cash flow, Memphis is your place.  I would be very picky in choosing property management.  Memphis is not the safest place in the world.  Make sure your management will be able to get reliable tenants.  I know @Sean Tagge company has a property management wing in their company.  I would connect with him.  Hope you enjoy your stay.

@Nathan Killebrew Thanks so much. I'll definitely connect with Sean. I'm hoping that by going there in person and meeting people face to face I can get a good feel for who I am comfortable to work with. But like anything in life, I know there will be some trial an error!