Detroit Investor / Wholesaler coming to Memphis

9 Replies | Memphis, Tennessee

Hey everyone! My name is Emilio. I'm a wholesaler/investor/YouTuber in the Detroit market. I'm expanding to the Memphis market and plan on replicating what I have in the metro Detroit area to the Memphis market. My partner and I are heading there next month and our goal is to meet up with cash buyers, wholesalers, agents, property managers, etc...

We want to provide value to you whether it be to providing inventory, selling your inventory and even provide free education such as presentation on wholesaling, creative financing, private money and so on. Anyone want to meet up?

@Drew Sygit  Thank you sir! I've got a property or 2 coming your way soon. Also, I added you to my Detroit contact list on that Detroit Investing course I told you about. Hopefully you'll get some good leads and provide value like you always do :) 


@Emilio Basa I'm a bit late for your visit the first week of May, but if you are in any need of renovation services for any of the properties here in Memphis we can help with that. Our team works with investors on all types of properties. Let me know sir.