New to Nashville Looking for Smart People

3 Replies | Nashville, Tennessee

Hey everyone! I’m Brett. I just moved to Nashville at the beginning of this year for a job. I needed a job because it is significantly easier to get financing, and bankroll real estate investing when you have $ coming in. I am not looking for deals, dollars, or anything to work on right now. I’m getting settled in and working through some personal things. I AM however, looking to meet some great people that know things about the market and could help me get my head around Nashville real estate. I’ve been looking for a local investor group to go to on meetup group, but If there are any BP members in the Brentwood / Lenox Village area, I’d like to get together and talk about things. Message me on BP and we can exchange info and ideas.

Welcome to the area @Brett Sayers ! As far as investor groups go, attend a few REIN meetings as a guest and determine if that is for you. You will meet some great and very smart people there. They also have a monthly lunch in Williamson County. Also, check out the Music & Money Investors Group which is held the first Wednesday morning of each month in the Cool Springs area. The event is free and Brandon Turner was there in December.