Best AC guy in Nashville?

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Hi All!

Working on a rehab project in Downtown Nashville and having a bit of trouble coming up with an HVAC solution. Previous owner had wall units for heat and window units for AC. We pulled those out (all the previous tenants were indoor cigarette smokers so all drywall had to be removed from the entire property). Now we are trying to determine the best move in terms of A/C and heat.

The units are small, two bedroom 1 bathroom with an open concept living room and kitchen. Each unit is roughly 800 sq feet (there are three total units). At this point I have three options:

1. Pay roughly $6,000 per unit ($18,000) total to have ductwork and brand new 1.5 AC units installed outside)

2. Pay roughly the same and have 3 ductless split systems installed in the house with one main unit and 2 cartridges (1 for each bedroom)

3. Install new wall heater/AC units.

The overall goal of the units is to run them as airbnb rentals so looking for something that will make sense in the long term but not be horrible for guests to figure out. The biggest challenge is space, not really sure where to put a furnace inside the property and there's a good chance it will have to be placed outside. Hopefully someone here can provide a suggestion or solution. Maybe a contact in Nashville to help?

Hey Shray,

Define installing the 1.5 ton units outside?

I made a thread not too long ago about single package HVAC units - didn't get too many replies seems like many haven't had to deal with multifamily HVAC solutions. 

The single package HVAC units might be your best bet since they can be all electric/heat pump but you'd still have to install the ductwork, but it is very high end and takes very little space. Also much harder to steal than outdoor units if that is an issue.

These companies make them: MagicPak, Skymark, and FirstCo.

Let me know what you guys decide on since I am interested in knowing!

Link to my thread:

Mid Tenn Mechanical did some work for me recently and they were amazing. Completely transparent with my a/c issues, professional, easy to deal with and didn't push for me to replace my aging units.