Young Novice Seeking Partner or Investor in Nashville/Middle TN

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Hi everyone!

I'm a Nashville Native who recently graduated college and moved back to Nashville. I plan to buy a house in the next year or so and use a home equity line of credit and loans in the future, but for now, am really just looking to work with somebody in the Nashville area. I grew up with a dad who bought and renovated houses and have had as many conversations with him about it as I can, I've read all the REI books I can get my hands on, not scared of research and paperwork, and I'm good with my hands. I do want to find an investor to work with, but I'm honestly fine with just working with somebody to help find him/her deals for a while. Anything to get me started.

Anyway, if it sounds like I could be of service to you, let me know! We can get lunch, coffee or something and meet and see if things seem like they would work.

 - Brief sidenote, I'm a brewer by trade and education, so if anyone wants to do a little skill-swapping, I'd love to show you how to brew/make wine/distill in exchange for a partnership. Just thought I'd sweeten the pot.

Hey Chris, welcome to BP! If you're up for buying south of Nashville we can meet up. I do all of my investing between Franklin and Columbia mostly. Nashville is a whole different beast and there are a lot of people on BP who work in Nashville metro specifically. The Nashville core is very competitive for finding good deals, however, if you're going to owner-occupy then you can be more lenient than simply looking at the numbers and ROI. Shoot me a PM and we can chat more!