Nashville Meet Up For New Investors?

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Hey BP!  I wanted to run something by you.  Would y'all be interested in a Meet Up for new investors in the Middle Tennessee Area?  I was thinking about starting a meet up group where new investors could come and meet other new investors in the area.  It would be a great way for people of the same expertise to learn and grow together.  Anyone can really come.  Seasoned investors with large portfolios / experience can come and talk about how they got to where they are and give advice.  Lenders, realtors, and contractors can come and connect with new hungry investors looking to invest in deals and find financial freedom.  But the main focus would be on being new in RE investing and getting from 0 deals to ____ deals.  It's a win - win for everyone!  Your net worth is as big as your network.  

Post your thoughts and if you'd be interested, and I can make it happen!  Thanks! 

I’d be interested in going.  Also, for any new investors out there, I highly recommend joining REIN in Nashville.  They have several events each month, and it’s a great place to meet new and experienced investors.  The group has people all over TN from Clarksville to Cookeville, to Columbia. Several members also invest out of state. If you’re looking to grow you’re network with people who are currently making moves in real estate, REIN is a must.  

I'll attend - happy to help anyone getting in to investing (full disclosure: I'm a Broker, native Nashvillian). I'm also a member of REIN ( and highly recommend joining - you can attend as a guest for a small fee, great programs, tours, education, and networking.

@Michael Skvorak That's a great idea! I live a bit north of Nashville, and I would love the chance to network with other Middle TN investors!

If you could use a hand with planning the event or figuring out logistics, please let me know and I would be happy to help!

I think this is a great idea, especially gearing it toward people who are new to the game. 

I went to an event recently where they had a panel discussion featuring more seasoned investors, and their insight was incredibly valuable! I

f you incorporated something like this into your own meetup, it could be a good thing for everyone. You'd get a lot of people together who are working toward similar goals and put the knowledge/tools in their hands to help them achieve.

Hey Everyone! 

Thank you for the great feed back and for showing interest! This is awesome.  I will start working out the details now and get back to you all soon.  It will most likely be the week after the 4th of July (just Incase people are on vacation).

I’m excited to meet every one of you!