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I am currently researching some properties in specific areas of Nashville, TN for short term rental opportunities. I spoke with 1 realtor who specializes in STR but she recently told me she is no longer servicing Nashville because 3 of her clients are now in lawsuits with the city due to their new zoning regulations that prevent them from doing and short term rentals and they have had to sell or convert them into long term rentals.

Does anyone have any insight on these regulations that are going into place?

Apparently per a new bill they have going on there right now, any city council member can "downzone" any area of their district at any time. Which means they can basically take a scalpel and cut the STR's out of allowance. They go into the zonings that have previously been allowed and change the zonings. They bought in the approved zoning and then the city council went in and changed it after closing or before closing.

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@Corben Briggs you’re looking for info on BL2019-111. Also join the NASTRA Facebook group for the most up to date information on STRs in that market.

@Corben Briggs


The city is actively trying to shut down STRs in ALL residential zoning. That is the final goal they are trying to achieve, and they are slowly chipping away at it. 

Permits are being revoked for just about anything. 

What happens is this....the city puts a "hold" on your permit and allows you to dispute it at the BZA. This process takes about 3 months to get in front of the BZA, during which you are not allowed to operate at all. Meaning you are sitting on at least 3 months worth of holding costs and having to cancel all bookings. This will then destroy your rating on Airbnb. BZA=Board of zoning appeals.

Most investors aren't willing to go through this, so they give up their permit and sell, or keep as a LTR. 

The investors in lawsuits you mentioned are more than likely going to win their case bc they are in court for a bogus violation IS MY GUESS. But with that you want to be going to court to defend your permit? You have better things to do. 

My property manager just got out of STR mgt this year. There's a reason people are leaving. You can't compete with government regulations.

The only place I would consider STRs right now is in commercial zoning. 

@Corben Briggs

Good luck. You need to get permits from the city, and I don't think they are issuing any. Most Nashville neighborhoods have had negative reactions to the short-term rental market due to noise, partying, drinking, etc.

I'm not trying to crap on your idea, but that's a tough market to invest in short-term rentals... it's doable, but there are probably better investment opportunities in Nashville.

Buy and hold in the Brent-ioch area. Buy and hold in Bellevue. Buy and hold in Spring Hill or Columbia.

But I'd count on having leases and long-term rentals.