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Wanted to let local Knoxvillian investors know about the Knox REIA. It's a great group of like-minded individuals discussing the latest news and strategies with investing in our local markets.

@Victor Jernigan   heads up the group that meets monthly, 2nd Tuesday, at Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn Knoxville 5:30PM - 8:30PM

I recommend anyone that is interested or currently involved with real estate investing come out and network with others and maybe even learn something new. It's a great off-line group where you get face-to-face interaction.

@Payton Abernathy I'm going to make the next one. My son had soccer practice the last meeting. Looking forward to meeting you and some of the other investors.

@Sherrill King Hope to see you then. I'm still new to REI and this week was my 2nd meeting at KnoxREIA but there are a lot of others with many years of experience to learn from.

And a side note, Victor said you can bring your children along to the meeting and they can learn about REI as well :)

Food is served too :)

I'm going to make the next one. My son had soccer practice the last meeting. Looking forward to meeting you and some of the other investors.

Like to go however the $500 a year fee is a bit pricey.. Do the members feel that it is worth the expense?

Sarah, as a member of Knox REIA for about 4 years now, the yearly fee is minimal compared to the information you receive at each meeting throughout the year. Each month, we are provided with 1-2 new topics involving some aspect of real estate investing. Victor Jernigan, who s the Director of the REIA, manages to bring us speakers from across the country and the information is invaluable. In the course of the years, I have always been able to leave each meeting with new information and a little more knowledge than I had before. Also, the members are a wealth of knowledge to network with, as they are from all aspects of real estate themselves. We have real estate brokers, agents, property managers, insurance agents, residential and commercial investors, contractors, and a lot of others that are willing to help you with questions you may have. I would encourage you, if you haven't already, attend one or two meetings, and decide for yourself about the REIA group. I think you will find for yourself the value is absolutely worth it.

Perry - thanks so much! what is the date for the next one? so I can plan ahead.....

Sorry it took so long to get back to you Sarah. The next meeting is October 13, 2015. The regular monthly meetings are always the second Tuesday of each month at the Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn. The meeting starts at 630 but most of us get there about 530 to check in and so we can do some networking. Food is served and you will meet a lot of great people. Please look for me and  I will help introduce you to the regulars. If you have property to rent, sell, wholesale, etc. or if you are looking to buy properties, bring the particulars. Usually there is someone looking to buy or sell.

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