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Hi All.

Anyone have any agents in the Knoxville area they would recommend? I would like someone to help me with my search for small multi-family properties in either the Bearden or Norwood area; will also consider some parts of North Knox (just not the historic parts). 

I have an agent friend who helped me with my own home but for this I would like someone who has experience with investors. If you would recommend someone, would you please be so kind to explain what drives the referral (e.g., personal experience, general reputation, etc.)

Thanks !


Hi Cheryl,
I have had single family rentals in West Knoxville for years and just sold my first rental house on my way to retirement. I've known many real estate agents through the years but when it came time for me to sell I listed with Jenny Moynihan with Remax. Jenny is very professional, is an excellent communicator and a very hard worker. We worked together and sold my house in 2 weeks for more money than either of us expected. Jenny is very impressive and I'm not easily impressed. You can PM me for more info if you want.

Thank you Sharon! I will check her out.

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