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Hello my name is Jason. 

I'm looking for a Sales Acquisitions job in Sevier, Knox, Blount Counties area. 

Very experienced in Sales and in Real Estate Investing. 

(Wholesaling, Lease Options, Subject To, Short Sales, Loan Mods, Wrap Around, Owner Financing, etc.) 

Very experienced w/ CRM databases and tools. 

(Realeflow, Podio, etc.) 

I live in Sevierville so I'm close to all Counties. I can answer phone calls and pre-screen or I can visit the sellers with contracts in hand and expect me to close them.. 

Either way I'm just looking to get some work in and make money and gain experience.. 

If this sounds like a fit for you and you need the extra help please reach out to me on this platform. 

Thank you, 


Hey @Jason Sarmiento if you know how to do all of this, do it for yourself. Work the deal and get it to another investor for a few thousand $$s. Get going with 2 or 3 per month and you are on your way. Go to your local REIAs and meet some other investors to sell to. You will have all kinds of people looking for your deals. Just make sure they are great deals.