House Hacking in Houston, is it possible for under 120k?

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What's up guys, I'm looking at my first real estate deal next year and doing a lot of research. One thing I know is, I either want to house hack (live in a duplex, triplex, or quad) to rent the other side out or buy a SFH and rent a room. Honestly, I would rather the multi-family unit just because it won't be so much of a room-mate situation and there will be more privacy. But since Houston's market is so hot, is it even possible to find a duplex in decent condition for under 120k? I've searched Zillow and can't find much! Is there something I'm missing here? Or is Houston just not a good place for finding duplex's for under 120k like we can find in other smaller cities and college towns. Thanks!


Hi @Rick Alvi , Houston doesn't have a ton of duplexes and the ones it does have for that price range won't be in great areas. Also, don't use Zillow. Just go straight to HAR. Here's a search for duplexes, $120k and under, around the general Houston area.®ion_id=0

@Rick Alvi    The short answer is yes, you can find duplexes in Houston for that price. The problem is finding one in which you would actually consider living.

The other issue will be finding one which will have a vacancy when you close. Most of the duplexes I see have both sides occupied by tenants.

Dont discount the gentrification areas of town. Yes they are generally known as "rougher areas" however those areas close to the freeways and downtown are seeing MAJOR revitalization thanks to increased city government involvement, cheap land prices, and location. A good wholesaler would be able to find a duplex in your price range in one of those up and coming areas.