Houston Neighborhood Investment Property

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Looking for a RE experts opinion in Houston, TX. What do you think about the are in Greater Fifth Ward? Looking at a great property that offers great cash flow. Just that i am going in blind since i don't have any contacts or idea of the neighborhood. Done my research and have enough to make a decision. But i would appreciate my BP Houston family take on this cash cow property neighborhood. Let me know your thoughts on the area...Thank you!

South of interstate 10 is okay over there and has begun turning around as renters are attracted by closeness to downtown.  The affordable properties north of there will be a challenge to find quality tenants, but maybe there's a Section 8 opportunity.

The crime in the area is high, and I prefer affordable housing in the suburbs where I am not too afraid to walk at night.

@Eddie T. the price point is the same once you find the right distance.  For example, I can go an hour west of downtown Houston and get the same home in better shape and access to better tenants.  It won't be as close to downtown Houston but if there is less turnover and crime it's an easy decision.

Hi @Juan Ayala I'm not sure where in Fifth ward you are referring to, but there is still some shady areas in Fifth ward; however there is also revitalization going on. The City just contributed $5.4 mil to reopen the historic Deluxe Theatre, which will host plays, and art classes. There is a TIRZ #18 map for Fifth ward that you should be able to Google. It outlines the redevelopment zone. If I was looking to purchase in the area I would definitely try to buy within the zone or close to it.

@Juan Ayala   I honestly can't give you an opinion without knowing the address of the property. In Houston, and especially in the wards, neighborhoods can change dramatically within a few blocks. PM me if you would like to share more information about the property and then I can give you an informed opinion.