Houston Growth: 1970's - Present

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I think it's pretty commonly held knowledge, at least by those of us living in the Houston area, that our city has grown exponentially over recent decades.

Well, CultureMap posted a pretty cool .gif the other day showing by just how much the city and surrounding areas have expanded since the 1940's, with the most impressive growth spurts coming since the 1970's.

You can view the brief article and .gif here: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/05-16-16-see-how-dramatically-houston-has-grown-since-the-1970s/

Not surprising to see the north and west side of Houston expanding rather quickly, however, just east of downtown can be a profitable investment venture if you have the capital to buy large areas. I recently saw on the MLS a large block of 9 properties east of downtown, south of 45 (basically 3rd ward area) for $425k. I don't see that area taking off yet like areas around Navigation, but, it will soon.

Ive got to get out of my consumer debt quick so I can start investing in real estate and not get left behind!