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Just throwing it out there, if anyone is looking for help on a new construction home building process, then let me know. What questions do you have? Design, planning, permitting, contractors, etc... 

Hello There I am a new investor, I just bought a land to build but I need  some help with the construction, what do I have to do first and how much can cost to build the house?

Thank you

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Hello, we are wanting to build on our current land. We have a 2.5 car detached garage that we would want to add garage apartment to top, or rebuild to make a duplex. Where do we start? Should we hire a general contractor or a home builder for a project like this? Any advice is appreciated! We are located in Houston, Rice University area. 

Emily Taschner 

@Emily Hobbs  

1) Review deed restriction to see if they would allow it 

2) If no issue , assuming parking requirements are met, typically you can build a second floor leaving first floor as garage . 

3) If you have a very large property (20K SQFT +) or larger then possibly you can get away with duplex. Either way, Harris county allows 900 SQFT max for secondary dwelling structure 

4) Get an architect to layout the plan and construction drawing and have then apply for permitting as well (around 1.5-2.5 $/SQFT for everything)

5) Once you have construction drawings , start getting bids .

Good luck. 

Hi Atta

I'm an architect and building 4 houses in LA Ive got the permits but contractors are giving me rip off bids to build it for 600 per sf for a normal house. do you know where I can find affordable contractors in socal?

Hello Atta, we are trying to decide between building a new 2 story home, approximately  2500-3000 sq ft with 4 beds/3 bath and attached 2-3 car garage in the north part of DFW vs buying one of the new construction. To build a new home we would buy a half-acre plus size lot in one of the residential communities. What do you think we should be looking at in terms of price to build, for mid-range level finishes?