How Is market at the end of the year

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Does anyone know how the market is in Houston, Texas for buying distressed homes and and selling for a profit at this time of year. I am wondering with the holidays and election coming up. Is this a slow time of year?

I can't speak for Houston, but I noticed a slow down about this time last year in DFW. It makes sense, seems like people would rather be home for the holidays than buying one. Not to mention, people generally spend a lot of money on presents. I think this also plays into whether people would feel like making a large financial commitment during a time they are spending so much.

The typical cycle I have seen is that right now is the low. Around Spring Break for schools you will see the market tick back up. It will continue to climb until Summer, plateau and then drop off as school starts. At least this has been my high level view of things. There are exceptions, but this is just general curve speaking.

Excellent Thank you! Justin Jarmon

@Kendra Scott The end of the year is a great time to buy distressed properties. Since it is the holiday season, more and more people will get busy and have less time to devote to investing. At the same time, people who own property and they are looking to sell quickly have more motivation to sell. Not to many people are buying homes on the retail side, which looks like a downward or slow market. To me, this is a perfect time to buy and rehab to have them ready to hit the retail market after the new year.

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