Looking to assist a property manager for free.

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Hello, I am Robert. I am looking to get into real estate investment through working as a real estate agent and working in property management. I graduated from the University of Colorado last spring. I majored in Business Operations and focused on Data Analytics. I came to Houston to be closer to family while my wife had our baby and I accepted a job in sales. I plan to move back to Colorado next summer and obtain my realtors license. I would also like to start a side business of property management. I have looked into it and I think I have the skill set to do very well. 

Obviously I need to create experience, so I was wondering if there were any property managers that the need for any help.  I can show properties, list properties, help with books or help locate and reach out to potential clients. 

I am even open to working as a free intern if the situation is right and the experience is mutually beneficial for me. 

Hey Robert, you're on the right path with this! Call up some local companies and pitch this!

I have a friend who owns a property management company in DFW.  Not sure if there is any work that can be done virtually, but I also think they are looking at possibly expanding into Houston.  So maybe there is some legwork you can help with.  PM me and I will make the connection.

Hi @Robert Boyer ,

I have a property management company here in Houston and may be able to use your help in showing our properties.  We have several properties listed for lease and many leads to feed out for showings.  This would not be free as we would pay a commission for any property that is leased. 

Are you currently licensed in Texas?  Which Broker are you under?  Contact me and we may be able to get together.  Additionally, I am on the NARPM Houston board and you can attend our monthly luncheon in November where you can connect with many property management companies and network that way.

Hope this helps.

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