Houston needs more homes for rent

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Here is a great article about the need for more housing assistance. 85,000 people applied to be in the lottery where 30,000 will be added to the wait list. It also states that it is believed that 400,000 families qualify for help here in Houston. This is a great way to get your investment properties occupied and getting checks from the government!


Any idea why they are calling it "Houston Choice Voucher Program" rather than Section 8?  Are they simply trying to rebrand the program or are there real changes?

My understanding is that there has been substantive changes to the program, but it's also a rebrand.

Section 8 conjures up images of government owned/run housing projects.  The Housing (not Houston) Choice Voucher Program allows eligible families to go into the private market, find a private landlord who is willing to rent to them, have that landlord meet the HCVP requirements, then move into that landlord's property.  The government subsidizes the rent to the landlord and the tenant pays the difference.

It accomplishes the same goal of providing affordable housing, but it disburses the families, which doesn't lead to concentrations of poverty in housing projects.

@Amir Befroui That is exactly my understanding of the program. Lots of investors are using the system to get tenants

What are the HCVP requirements to the landlord and landlord's properties? I assume the rental props must be in compliance with the city code, but what they are exactly?  

I've met with Mark Thiele before at HHA and we talked about providing more housing in Houston, even development.  They do have a open seminar for landlords to get to know the program and ask questions.  http://www.housingforhouston.com/property-owners/prospective-property-owners.aspx

I just became a Section 8 landlord in Houston. So far, so good but I am about to attempt to raise the rent significantly and we shall se what happens then. I bought the house with a good tenant installed, only to learn that the previous property manager had done something shady with the contract, giving the HHA a contract with rent of about $1,100 then taking it back to the tenant and adding a $300 "maintenance fee". I've consulted with an expert on this and learned that this was just an idiotic move on the property manager's part since the tenant was approved for more than enough to cover the full market rent of $1,400. I'm not sure how all of this is going to play out, but I have to get a new lease anyway and I'm submitting it with $1,400 which is fair market rent but a big jump up from $1,100. The tenant should end up paying less or maybe even nothing.

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