Driving for deals....trying to contact absentee owners

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Good morning all

For the past couple of months I've been driving around the area in which I grew up in on the northeast side of town. I've found several high grass and boarded up homes in which I've researched the owners tax information in order to a contact address. I've sent out several letters to the contact addresses with no responses as of yet. Do any of you guys have any ideas of a more effective ways of contacting owners vs mailing letters? Maybe like a skip trace system of getting phone numbers???

How many letters have you sent out over what period of time? And how many addresses have you sent out to?

It's been about 2-3 months and I've sent out about 30 letters to 5 homes. All homes are still currently vacant

@Dwayne Burksgreen I landed my first couple of deals from skip tracing the returned letters from my mail campaigns. So if you used first class postage and received any back, please track down these owners because nobody else is likely targeting them. However, I would caution you to not get hung up on a couple of properties. You want to skip trace your lists in large quantities so you can better your chances of landing a deal. I made the mistake of only getting fixated on a handful of boarded up properties when I first started investing. Best of luck.

@Cornelius Garland thanks for your info I will continue to stay on the hunt and not focus on the first few ive found....Question...in your letters how did you structure them? I think i may have been too personal in my letters

American Tracers is awesome for skip tracing.

Talk to the neighbors if you cannot find the owner by mail or phone number of there vacant property. Neighbors will usually know where the previous owner or a relative is involved with the property. When all else fails I have put a huge bandit sign in the front yard with my phone number on it stating I want to buy the property. That has actually worked for me and I got a deal out of it.

Originally posted by @Belinda Lopez :

American Tracers is awesome for skip tracing.

 These guys are pretty expensive.  I have had great results skip tracing for a fraction of what they charge.  PM me for contact info.

@Dwayne Burksgreen -- i tried skip tracing for handful of high value  properties. Given the response rate and type of responses and the investments required i switched to typical marketing.  Also you should send 3/4 to increase your chances to get call back. 

Good luck and keep us posted 

@Shahriar Khan @Dwayne Burksgreen Shahriar, I can pinpoint exactly where you went wrong in your skip tracing efforts.  You only did a handful.  For the best results you need to think in volume.  Not only will you better your chance to close a deal but you will save time, increase your conversion rate, and, get your costs way down.  If done correctly skip tracing can cost less then a mailing campaign.  

Make sure their mailing add is the same or different. Mail them.

Try to find out their contact number, call or message them. 

Try to find out their relative's contact, reach them.

Talk to their neighbors, find out the contact. 

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