Flood Properties In Houston

7 Replies | Houston, Texas

Is anybody buying flood properties in Houston or Spring Tx?  We have a lot of them and getting more.  A lot of them are in the same neighborhood.  Please let me know. 

I went to the area near Addicks dam a few weeks ago to take a look. It still looks like a war zone on some streets. Know that Harvey was not the only ravaging flood that brought in 3-5 feet of water into the homes. They had the tax day flood and Rita too that devastated the area. And it will happen again since its in a flood plain. A gutted moldy house I was checking out was still over $100k. I wouldn't have bought it for even half that. Then you or your renyers or buyers have more flooding to deal with inevitably. That hardest hit area is in a catch basin that should never have been developed.