Need Good Managment Company in Northwest Houston Texas

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Hi I have a house in Tomball Texas that I have been renting out for five years.  My current management company is Northpointe Asset Management.  I had a bad tenant that we had to evict and due to hurricane harvey issues etc, he was able to stay about four months without paying before we could evict him.  

I was not happy with how Northpointe Asset handled the situation and I feel like they wanted to be hands off through most of the process, I was not pleased with how they worked with me and how they managed this tenant.

Is there a management company in this area that people have been extremely happy with and can you let me know the names of the management companies that you have worked with that I can check out?

Hi Britt! I used Evan Howell Inc Property management for the past 3 years when I owned my rental In Spring, TX. I had an overall positive experience with him.

@Britt Ashcraft - I have used  Renters Warehouse for my rentals. Give them a call and see how they would have handled the situation you describe or if they've had a similar one.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out ! 

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