Newbie Investors in Houston

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Howdy fellow Houstonites!

Newbie investors here looking to gain some knowledge and hammer down a first deal by summer. A little about wife Randi has some experience working in transaction coordinating services and title work, so if anyone has questions about any of that we can try and help. I've spent the last 2 or so months analyzing SF leads (mostly wholesalers) for a rehab project. Unfortunately, our house flooded during Harvey (second time in 2 years), so if anyone has any questions about that process re:insurance, build back, selling as-is to investors or anything else, I can try and help out there too. 

We currently listen to a couple podcasts, spend time here on BP (trying to become more active) and attend some local networking events. We're also members of the base level of Lifestyles Unlimited and trying to decide whether or not we want to escalate our involvement with that program. While it's all very exciting, we're also very eager to make use of some of the connections we're making and get this first deal done! 

I've talked to a number of hard money lenders in the area but I'm still looking for contacts in construction (I know they're slammed right now!), wholesalers or other sources of leads, real estate agents, and well, pretty much anyone else to be honest. Just trying to meet and greet as much as possible.

I look forward to hanging around this forum and trying to be as helpful as possible...I'm sure I'll be following quite a few of the threads on here. As I mentioned, if I can help in any way, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Happy New Year! 

Sounds like you are doing the right things.  Welcome to BP and let me know if I can help.

Good start to 2018!  Make it happen and let me know if I can help.

Congrats @Travis White on getting going and doing the right things.  I am based out of WA but would be glad to answer any questions if I can.  I do have a network in your area and continue to work in that market as well.  Thanks so much!

Welcome and best wishes on getting started in investing!  If I can help with contacts or anything else let me know.  

Hi Tim. Nice to see someone in my area. How long have you been investing? 

Travis White, you've described my current situation pretty much exactly.

I am moving to Conroe in less than 2 weeks and plan on buying my first investment property in the area by June.

I've been doing research and getting my financials in order over the last 6 months and am finally ready to make the plunge. I'm facing a little analysis paralysis, so I know I just to go by the numbers and dive in when it makes sense. I'm planning on doing BRRRR on my first deal and would definitely be interested in your experience working with a flooded property.

Welcome to BP Travis and good luck investing!

Hey Travis! Excited that you are going to bite off your first investment soon.  I am an agent as well as investor so I have contacts all over town when it comes to wholesalers, construction crews, etc.  Feel free to reach out via message - I'd love to help.

Welcome and sorry I hear about your home. I’m interested in connecting as well, since I’m in Houston for work Mon-Thurs every week working on disaster recovery.

Let me know your availability to connect during the week. Would love to hear your story, learn more about he Houston market, and potentially explore partnership opportunities!


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