Finding tax receipts on a property

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Newbie question here - how to I find the taxes for a property? 

I've been using - to find tax receipts, but sometimes I end up with weird numbers. 

I was looking at 1003 Baltic and it looks like the tax receipts are $276....that can't be right, can it? Should I be looking for tax records somewhere else? 

Someone point me in the right direction,  please!

The reasons for the odd payments could be caused by a payment plan being set up by the taxpayer. In Texas the tax code allows the tax office to establish payment plans as long as the property has not gone into suit. An alternative is that they could have had their taxes deferred, which allows them to pay whatever whenever. Or finally, tax payments in the state of Texas are considered voluntary payments (even though they aren't really voluntary), and the tax office is required to accept any payment at any time by anyone, if there is a balance due on the property. This however, does not give the payer any rights to the property. The final possibility is that the property owner had exemptions in place that kept the taxes reduced to $276.00, and depending on how long they lived there (without dying), the amount could have lasted 1-30+ years.

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