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Is anyone in the Houston harris  county area?

I don't think I'm finding the annual property tax amount at For example with 18207 Misty Jade Ln, Cypress, TX 77429, when I  check it seems to say the yearly tax is around $1000 but zillow and other websites shows the tax as around $4000...

have you tried

Hi Huy, thanks for the feedback. I just checked and I do not see any property tax info. For example for the address 18207 Misty Jade Ln, Cypress, TX 77429... Zillow shows the tax is arounf $4000 but shows it as around $1000...

One trick I use is I copy the table with all the rates into an Excel spreadsheet to quickly sum up the total rate. Hope this helps!

@Ben M.    You're looking at the Harris County Tax Collector website and they only show the taxes due that they collect.

This property is in Cy-Fair ISD and they have their own tax office and do not go through Harris County. If you look at the property on the Harris County site you'll notice the school district is missing. 

This house is also in a MUD and a lot of MUDs have their own tax office as well.

MLS is telling me the 2017 tax on this property is $4258.

This is a short sale, which are painfully slow to get the bank to accept your offer. This one has been on the market over 130 days and has an offer. They're waiting for the bank to approve. I suspect they'll still be waiting six months from now.

This is what I was able to pull up on for the subject property and it does mention the Cypress ISD and Mud. When you add up all the rates you'll see it's .029857 and after multiplying with the assessed value for 2017 I'm seeing $4550.72. I also found it on but it has listed the info from 2016 which shows the assessed value at 141K. As @Fred mentioned, there might be other taxes specific to the area  but this has been pretty accurate for me when running numbers thus far. 

@Jieh Larson bookmarked! you can never have too many tools in this game

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