starting around Houston

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Hi All,

I'm new to Houston area. I want to start investing around Katy City and Spring area.

Looking forward to connect with local investors and agents. I'd also like to get opinions and suggestions from local experts.

Thanks a lot!

There are a ton of meetups, happy hours and local REIAs for you to check out.  The best, imho, is The Realty Investment Community of Houston, the RICH Club!  Just search the Bigger pockets marketplace and meetup for groups local to you.  There are some agents that specialize in working with investors as well as firms like Big State Home Buyers, Net Worth realty and a few others who are mostly wholesalers.  Those folks know how to find great properties for investors.

Hello @Yaping Zhang . I'm based in the North Houston area The Woodlands/Conroe. I have been in construction of residential and commercial properties for over 20 years and have recently added REI into our portfolio. If you are in need of partnerships and/or contractor work, I would be happy to network with you.

Welcome. I’ve lived in Katy for five years and have never found too much in the way of deals. Have found more in Harris County.

Howdy @Yaping Zhang . Welcome to Houston market. I do investing (BRRR/FLIP) in harris county, Spring & MC areas. Not much in Katy area yet. It depends on where you are looking for deals. if it's just MLS, it's going to be hard to good deal.

Let me know anyway I can help you get started.

Hello all, I'm not a newbie to HTown but I am newbie to Investing. I would love to meet up with anyone who knows this game. I am doing the bigger pockets and the Youtube thing but I am ready to crank it up. Would love to connect or just get some good advise from any of you. Thanks a lot in advance and welcome to Htown @Yaping Zhang