Let's Meet! Let's Greet! Let's Network Together!

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NetWorth Realty of League City will be hosting a 90 minute meet & greet for new and seasoned investors.  This will be a great opportunity to network with fellow investors and share some ideas.  There are no fee's.  No memberships.  Just quality networking.  

We plan on covering two main topics: 1) How are we finding our properties?  We have sold 55+ properties the last 3 months, all wholesale to investors!  What are we doing that is making us so successful?  2) Funding.  What are the advantages of paying cash vs taking out a hard money loan?  What is the best way to leverage you money?

I hope this turns out to be the first of many regular meet ups and look forward to expanding out networks together.  Food and drinks will be provided.  Please comment / message me so I can get an accurate count.

When: Wednesday, 6/27 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Where: 311 Newport Blvd in League City.

Do you welcome decenters of your idea's?

I ask because I have some major issues with your company and the way it sells this business (REI) to newbies. Both in what it claims are real numbers on its wholesales (ARV and "repair cost"), to its claims on the hundreds of bandit signs (illegal) your company has its very new and inexperienced sales force placing at every corner of every intersection around town.

I understand if you do not want someone who knows real estate as numbers as well as a business and construction cost, who is outspoken, attending. 

Just let me know.

It appears that you think you know what we do, but it sounds like you have no idea how we do business.  In which case, I would most definitely welcome you to attend our function; however, we are only discussing 2 topics that evening: How to locate properties and the difference in paying cash vs hard money loans.  If you can stay on topic and add to a positive experience, please come and join us.

If you would rather discuss our differences via PM or in person, I would welcome you to my office anytime.   


I know exactly what you do, as I worked with your manager in League city. Not only on properties he was pawning off on "investors" but on his personal investments. I have had dozens of conversations with individuals who purchased through "networth" and were later left with a bad deal they where misinformed about. I have talked to even more who find your idea of a "deal" laughable. 

1. If you present false information. i.e. the definition of a deal, in your "how to locate properties" I would certainly present differences. 

2. Your company also is affiliated with hard money lender that you refer "investors" to..so, in full discloser I would think you should mention that the owners of the "hard money" company and the "investor referral" company are one in the same, and offering to "teach" others on these topics as an conflict free proposition...well...it proves you are what I claim.

Finally, I have nothing to hide and would prefer to discuss this publicly. If I am wrong, I will say as such. I would expect only the same in return.