Regular Houston Meetup

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Hi, everyone.

I am new to BP, but still surprised Houston forum here is not as active as some other markets. We should definitely correct it.

One thing we should do is agree a day and place for a monthly meetup.

About myself:

- MBA in Finance/Marketing from Emory U.

- Expert in Financial Valuations

- Started few companies recently. One to be launched in July is Class Magazine (working on web content now, print version will come soon as well). Feel free to contribute content :-)

- Working on Commercial Development of Real Estate in Houston. Presently have a large lot under contract in a premium location in Houston. Planning 70,000 sqft mixed use development (40,000 retail, 30,000 office). Would be happy to cooperate.



Hello I am also in the Houston area, if a physical meet up doesn’t seem to work you could always try online, or using a phone app like BAND. That way people can check in and network at their convenience. I myself am interested in real estate, I have no experience and I am trying to learn all I can before I make a move. 

There are a number of meet ups in the Houston area. We are a big city and based on interest and particular locale there are a number of groups. Check out Meetup and BP events. I’ve personally been more interested in the smaller gatherings on the west side.

There are many meetups through out Houston, but I do agree that the majority of those are not listed on BP. I'm not sure what area you are in but I would be open to a meet up anywhere in the inner loop or Pearland/South Houston area. I too specialize in financial valuations, more specific to Oil & Gas companies. I look forward to chatting. 

I will sometimes pop into the meetups that Quest IRA runs on Tuesday. There is one in the morning and a second one in the evening. Good way to meet people.

Also, there is a small group that gathers on Monday night, with Rick Russell and Steven Russell, and we do some free training with them.  They are having an event this Saturday at 8:30 AM as well.... Beltway 8 at Clay Rd.... also free.  I think they are calling it Houston Buyers Club, they put it out on FB.  I find some value in what they do, also.  It is more geared to the newer folks, but the idea exchange is really strong, particularly in that Monday night session.  I keep waiting for them to sell me something, that they just don't.  Weird.  They will offer a couple paid classes, like all day events, at some point, but I can forgive them for that -- and price isn't too bad, so I might just go to one (or two).

And then there is the big one -- the one in Stafford that is held in the Redneck Country Club.  That's the third Wed of the month usually, so it is 7/18 this month, tomorrow night.  Will be well over 1000 people there.  The attendees range from the old salts to the newest of the new.