Looking to learn! Will offer anything I can in exchange!

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I am a new and hungry investor looking to soak up as much knowledge as I can from the greatest there are in the area! Would love to maybe tag along on your reno on a flip or buy & hold, or just sit and grab some lunch and talk about financing! I’m in the SE side of the Houston area but can travel whenever I don’t work at my W-2 job. 

I’ve come to realize that I can read all I want, but getting out there and talking to others who have already done it are going to be most benefitial. 

So, I am offering ANYTHING I can in exchange for knowledge, wisdom, and some insight. I’m not a contrustion buff, but Im slightly handy and in need of learning how to preform sweat equity! I can run numbers for some deals for you, or maybe go searching for some leads for you. Or if you want me to just buy you lunch, I’d love to do that lol!

I really want to be prepared, learn all the terms, and truly understand all the routes I can take as an investor. I don't understand mortgages, PMI/PITI or how ARMs work or even loans! I know vocabulary but actually understanding how these things work, and how I can make deals work, is where I am asking for help. I also need to fully understand the process of buying a property/selling.

Thank you guys and I’m terribly sorry for the long post!

Edit: I’ve realized a lot of people/companies promise help but then somehow want money in exchange for knowledge. I’m not a wealthy person, and I don’t have a nice job, so going a route where I can exchange my own time, knowledge and efforts is the only way I can afford to go at this moment in my life. 

excellent choice of words. I’m in the same boat as you are. I have the time and ambition but I have no intention on being fleeced by a “guru”. Let me know what you’re able to find. I’ve also started thinking about setting a meet up. I’m in the Tomball/Houston area. 

Account Closed definitely!! I’ve been thinking about starting a meet up as well, I know some other groups do some but I don’t want to feel too intimidated by too dogs haha! Good luck to you!

Find a local REI group. Go to meetings.

Look around neighborhoods close to where you live where people rent. Find a cheap house, buy it, fix it up a little, rent it. a cheap house. That's all you have to know. 

Houston has more free/low cost meetings than anywhere.  Start with your first meeting free at the RICH Club to network.  Also join the tons of free Facebook groups for Houston investors.

@Arlan Potter Yeah, I'm thinking just make the plunge on a small, cheap fixer upper home first to get my feet wet, then move onto the investments I really want to do (MFH 2-4 units) Even if I don't make much profit, I'd still have at least something on my track record.

And @Belinda Lopez thank you! I have heard of RICH, and some of the others as well. I'm in a handful of groups on Facebook, it seems no one gets serious when I start asking about who wants to meet up and chat, lol. I will go get my first free meeting set up!

Originally posted by Account Closed:

I’m on the northwest side in Tomball doesn’t seem to be many out this way. 

 I'm in the same boat as both of you and would love to meet up, even if its with just some newbies and share what we have learned so far through BP and other resources.  I need to avoid the analysis paralysis syndrome!! 

I live in the Cypress/Tomball area I'm free evenings after work and weekends.     

I think I’m in the early stages of analysis paralysis. I’ve done a lot of research but I am afraid of getting stuck with a property I can’t find a buyer for. It wouldn’t take long for me to lose my credibility if I can’t close a deal. 

@Matt Wood @Account Closed yesssss! I am dealing with it now. Found a vacant house, distressed as hell. Of course with the price, and what my GC says, it screams profit but I know theirs gotta be something else about this house. I’m worried about paying a pro inspector to come out just to tell me theirs asbestos in the walls. 

@Jacey C. Account Closed  I guess you guys are doing the right thing being here and talking and asking questions and venting out your frustration for not taking action. It's all good thing. Attending meet up as many you can and meet with investors like you or experienced and pick their brain and learn from it. That's what I did and still continue to do today. 

Real estate is people business. It's not about what you know or who you know, it's about who knows you. That's how you make progress. Try to find an investor or two and shadow them on their deals and see how they make it through and talk to them about how to work on deals etc., I know it's hard to find someone who can spend time with you but it has to be two way communication and people are willing to help if you help them out in any way possible.  

Will see you in Wednesday meet up if possible. 

I think I’ll try to see if somewhere around here will let us have a meeting of some sort, like a restaurant or coffee bar. I’m over in Webster area though, I’m wondering where a good middle mark would be for everyone?