Used Appliance S&D stores in Houston

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Hi all, 

Can anybody recommend a reliable used appliance/S&D store in the Houston metro area who will ideally do the installations as well? I find a lot of small "shops" that seem very shady, not to mention they will not answer their phones. I plan to check out some local HH or Sears but in the meantime, if there are any referrals to credible shops instead, I would definitely appreciate it. 

Thanks BP community!

Dude, they're always shady.  And the service sucks.  You just have to assume you'll go out to some field and pick your part.  I use a guy that comes and gives us used appliances delivered to us, and takes our old ones.  He's not cheap though but at scale I found those S&D places too time consuming. 

Acceptance Appliance at 249/beltway has discounted appliances that are cheaper than the box stores but maybe not as cheap as a S/D place.  They offer new appliances that were damaged in shipping to the box stores or the box store has too much in inventory.  I saved $1000 on my personal fridge there.  They are mostly GE appliances