Are there companies that specialize in clearing title issues Tx.

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Like the title says, I am looking for a company/service that focuses on clearing title for investors. 

I have properties under contract with multiple issues, and I want to avoid relying on my title company to handle them because of timing. 

Any and all suggestions welcome.

A real estate attorney, or Paying your title co. to clear title issues which is beyond the scope of normal closing services/fees.

And yes, the Type of title issues will help get you a better answer.

@David Cruice Mostly heirship issues. One title commitment came back with 8 people in title, and a bunch of AJs attached. I got them directly from the seller who Inherited the property, but there was no will.

Originally posted by @Ethan G. :

Why wouldn't you have the title company clear these issues?

 Title company is very busy and takes a while getting back to me. When I call, I get a voicemail and no reply most of the time.