Inspection cost for 4 plex

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Hi All,

How much does it cost to inspect a 4 plex? I quoted several. Some of them are asking about 1500, they basically take the price of 4 single family home. Is this common for multi family inspection?

Do you have any recommendation for multi family inspectors?

Thanks a lot!

That is pretty high for a 4plex.  I think my guy charged like $1,000 but that cost can vary depending on the size of the building. DM me and I'll pass his info.

My guy is a basic house plus $75 per unit.  At least he used to be.

So a quad would be $400 + $300.  Something to compare to.

But I don't ask him to run 4 dishwashers or 4 sets of laundry.  Taking on the appliance risk should help reduce costs. Ask the tenants if those are working properly. They'll tell ya.