Airbnb - how do you guys deal with furniture/furnishings?

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Hi - for those of you doing Airbnb - seems like the main upfront cost is furnishings - I'm guessing you guys aren't buying new furniture!

Where in Houston have you gone to deal with this - is there a resale shop that offers delivery that you swear by, or a furniture rental company you always use? Or some other solution that's working out well?

Appreciate it!!!

@Hilary Ritz

I most of the time use IKEA

It is not that expensive if you get the cheap stuff.

Also check out on YouTube "airbnb automated " I think he gets it on Amazon.

It's a cool channel.

Another place I get cheap furniture is in Facebook marketplace, you can find very high quality stuff there.

@Hilary Ritz - I pick up tons of heavily discounted goodies from FB marketplace.  It also helps that I'm 10 minutes from a military base.  Tons of brand new furniture being sold for pennies.

I have my property in Winter Park, CO that I purchased "furnished".  Many of the vacation rentals here come furnished.  There are always ads on Craigslist and FB market place for furniture.  If you look in the resort areas, you can normally find someone that is liquidating the entire inventory of the condo for extremely low prices.  

Goodwill. Sears Outlet off of 45. You can get new in box appliances that are models from 2-4 years ago at very good prices. They also sell furniture that I think is probably similarly discounted, but I haven’t any purchased from them.