NE Houston RE Agent Question

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My wife recently got licensed, but is working in her office job (mainly got it for us to get access to MLS for our REI business). We are finding that a lot of our leads are not willing to go with a wholesale price option and want retail. Rather than just letting them go or pass them along to another, we would prefer to bring those inhouse and get her to list/sell them. Really looking for someone willing to help her ge going and to let her shadow on a few of her first transactions for training purposes. She is with an ind broker and not associated with the traditional broker. She does not currently work in RE FT. This is a transition we are working on. We would certainly be willing to split any proceeds accordingly to ensure the agent gets compensated for their efforts. Looking for someone who is near the NE side of Harris County (Spring, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, Crosby and or Baytown areas are okay). Thanks so much.

Hey @Zane Gifford , can you clarify?

Is your wife looking to partner with a listing agent - should you basically get paid for the leads she’s generating for another agent to sell? If your wife doesn’t want to be doing sales, she could just partner with an agent and get a referral fee for every lead (that way wouldn’t have to pivot to a new business area).

Or is she lacking the training/mentorship she needs to learn the listing side of the house which she’d actually like to learn and do herself? Your broker should be proving that value to you.

Happy to help however I can.