House Hacking Inner Loop Houston

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Does anyone House Hack in the Inner Loop? My girlfriend and I would love to stay inside the loop and raise kids here, but we also hate the idea of paying for our own mortgage. What can I say, we've been indoctrinated. Does anyone do it or know people who do? We personally are most interested in the Museum District, West U, Braes Heights, or Bellaire as my day job is at TMC but I'd love to hear stories from anyone.

I hope someone more qualified to answer your question will reply.  But, for what I know about the areas you are interested in, property values are through the roof!  Very expensive.  But, I do see a lot of development happening.

Have you considered investing and hacking homes outside those areas?  What I love about Houston are all of the duplexes and homes with garage apartments.  You could, certainly, find homes to hack in areas that are just a short drive or short ride by Metro rail, at a fraction of the cost in and around the Medical Center, and the Heights.  Try Northside, the developing parts of 5th Ward and Denver Harbor, Eastside, Sunny Side/Second Ward, South Park, Sunny Side, and Gulfton.  Good Luck!

@Zoabe Hafeez I live in Montrose as a renter. I own property in Rice Village, Heights, etc. If you were focused on house hacking, but also getting a great property to live in I would try and find a home in Montrose, Rice Village, Rice Military, etc. that has a garage apartment (sometimes these are 2 story duplexes so size can be large). You can either choose to live in the larger unit or live in the smaller one and have someone else pay higher rent.

Hi @Zoabe Hafeez . I am currently house hacking a SFR + garage apartment in the First Ward/New Arts District and prices are still low enough in this area to get in at a more reasonable price. Current expenses are $1400 a month for PITI + utilities with medium term renting out the back apartment. It's an older home, so higher cap ex but when I move out, it should cash flow approx $1000 a month.

If you have any questions or need info, I'm also an agent and can run comps for you in the areas you are most interested in, which should help you get an understanding of price ranges in each pocket.

Good luck! House hacking is a really great way to get started in the RE investing world, and I highly recommend it to learn by doing while also building wealth. 

Hi Zoabe,

Me and my wife have been house hacking a duplex in Greater East End (Magnolia Park) for about 1 year. 

Financially, it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made. That said, we had to purchase a fixer upper to meet the 1% rule. Labor and materials were about $15,000 total to make the quality comprable to our previous house in Washington Heights. It was pretty stressful managing contractors while working on the house myself too. After about 3 months, all the big projects were completed and it was much less hectic. Since then, it has required no more effort than renting. 

We were lucky to inherit great tenants from the previous owner. We decided to renew their current lease even though it was $200 less than market rent for the area. It has been well worth it. They keep the house very clean, do all the yard work, make repairs for free, and even cook dinner for us every other week. Never had a single problem.

If you are thinking about raising children I would recommend Heights, Washington Heights, Rice U, Rice Military, or Montrose. Heights is best bang for your buck IMO because you can still find a duplex or SFR+ garage apt. for around 400k. Other areas mentioned easily start around 600k - 700k for the same. Schools in the Heights are improving every year, so it is ideal for younger couples.

Feel free to message me if you have more questions and good luck! 

I’m house hacking in the inner loop.

Found a 3-unit property. Includes a main 4bd 2ba house and a separate 2-unit apartment behind it.

I used an FHA loan and only put $12k down

My rents cover the mortgage, taxes and insurance. I’m only paying ~$300 in bills and I can completely eliminate that and get positive cash flow if I rent one of the spare rooms I have.

Happy to share details / numbers if you’re interested.