Area specific Contractor Recommendations

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Currently doing a deal in Pasadena that needs a full rehab.  Are there benefits to having a contractor local to the area of the property? And any contractor recommendations in the area or Houston in general that would be good for the job?

Local contractors tend to be able to give better pricing MOST of the time, not always.  This is usually due to being better suited to source materials and local labor.  This also depends if when you say local you are referring in Pasadena vs non-local being in Houston or another surrounding area.  Local to me in this instance is not restricted only to Pasadena and can include the Houston area.  Are you looking for a general contractor to manage the entire rehab?

Thanks for the input @Ridge Tullos ! Yes I was referring to Pasadena as being local in this case.  With Houston being so large I was wonding if anyone may have noticed better results and deadlines being met when the GC is more familiar with the neighborhood.  I have one bid so far but I am wanting to get at least 3 bids before I move forward with the project, so any recommendations are appreciated!

Whoever you use for a contractor, try to include a default provision in their contract, where if they stop work for more than a week barring acts of nature, then you can cancel the contract and keep the unpaid amounts as liquidated damages.  Too often, I've seen investors get screwed by contractors who promise the world, but then take forever to complete the work because they have 10 different projects going at once and then the investor is stuck paying all the holding costs because the contractor can't get their act together.