CPA/Tax strategist wanted!!

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I am looking for recommendations for a local CPA and/or tax strategist. Any referrals will be looked into. Thank you all.

Hi Travis- unfortunately none of the regular CPAs here on BP are out of Texas. If you'd like a list of those who work remotely with clients feel free to reach out.

Hi Natalie,

Could I also get the list you mentioned? I am also looking for tax strategy support, my CPA is competent, but looking for more strategy to go with the tax returns.


@Natalie Kolodij

Same here, can i get a list as well?  Same story, i have a CPA, but i want to look into some real tax strategists geared to RE investing, not just someone who will crank out my tax return.


I struggle with some thoughts on tax strategies myself, feeling if all that I can do is being done.  I feel there are several factors to consider on strategies and in order to understand them, one needs to understand their own goals/intentions, as I believe it takes a team (including one self) to strategize.

For example, on property taxes, I have a company who specializes in disputing property taxes. As for income/expense items (capital, assets, etc), I currently do my own bookkeeping, so I have reviewed the IRS documents pertaining to rentals and deductions and such. In the process of bookkeeping, if I have questions, I ask my CPA.  In this matter the CPA is ready to file as most items have been already tracked correctly.  And I am not scrambling at any moment.  

I do also spend some time researching to see what others have done or are doing.  I then compare if in fact that would help me out or not based on my personal needs or goals, and reach out my CPA on it.  

So in writing this I think whether I am doing all that I can to best work for my personal position and does everything I am doing actually include tax strategy where it include myself and my CPA.

I am curious how others feel that there are some additional Tax Strategies for Rental Investors as I still struggle whether there is something else to truly look for that has any additional value.

@Joanne Szewc I'm with you: That sinking feeling that we weren't even asking the right questions, much less finding the best answers, is what ultimately drove our decision to get help from a financial strategy pro.

Also, these days I believe it's far more important to find a finance professional with a clientele that matches your business objectives than it is simply to look for someone located in your same state. Yes, our finance pro serves other clients here in Georgia, but more significantly they have clients all over the US. Through our financial strategist, we get to study and adopt the best practices of some of the most creative investors out there, regardless of their physical location.

@Natalie Kolodij

Can I get this list as well. I am definitely interested in a remote strategist.

@Natalie Kolodij I would appreciate the same list!  I also scheduled an initial call with you, looking forward to speaking.

General question here though, Does one need a tax strategist and a separate CPA?  Thought being around can a tax strategist also do my taxes?

Hello Everyone, 

Depending on what you're looking for there are a few great referrals on here- I'm not sure who's still taking on clients for this season (I'm getting close to capacity myself) 

@Jake Hottenrott is a great CPA and active investor, based in the midwest. 

@Steven Hamilton II is an EA who is also an investor and REI guru.

I'd recommend reaching out and see who you connect with and who is the best fit for you personally. Hope this helps!

@Travis Buck contact Ed Guerrero. He specializes in tax strategies for real estate investors and realtors. 

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