4.6 differential settelment on foundation

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i got a sweet 2008 house that fits all criteria but has 4.6 differential settelment according to inspectors zip line reading. It was -3.2 in back left and + 1.2 back right. A engineer report is recomended for 550$ does that much diff setelment sound to you guys like 100% foundation work needs to get done? Exterior slab is clean but there is minor wall cracks inside and tile floor cracks. If seller  doesnt drop price would yall walk on the 4.6 diff setelment even if engineer said no work needed? Dint really want to spend 550$ on report if seller wont budge unless 4.6 is kinda normal in texas. Not sure how to proceed. Thanks

I am an engineer and I would definitely request concessions on this because who is to say the house is finished settling (its only 9 years old). Its 4.6" at this time, but what about in 10 years? If you are already having cracking in the tiles and walls, i would think it could only get worse from here (potentially). As far as $550 for an engineer's report, that is pretty cheap. 4.6" sounds like a pretty large differential for any SFR slab in my opinion.

For me its peace of mind...would you rather spend $550 now and know for sure and possibly get a discount or potentially spend thousands later to fix something you assumed was OK?  

As far as walking or not, it depends.  i would think any potential buyer (especially someone who isn't used to dealing with this) would be put off by the cracking and knowledge that the house is shifting so much (i.e. he is already under contract with you - presumably - and it would be easier for him to sell to you than the next guy...him not budging on price is at his own risk).  If the data and your gut say repairs are needed and he won't budge AND you don't have the capital to make the repairs yourself...i would walk.  

Foundation problems can also cause plumbing problems...so keep that in mind too.

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