Which contract for a wholesale deal?

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Im here in Fredericksburg Tx and Ive just gotten my very 1st offer accepted. I do not have it under contract yet. Ive been talking with lenders and Im not sure Im going to be able to get the money to fix and flip. So I may have to wholesale this. Im not sure how the wholesaling process work so do I first get it under a standard texas contract and then get an assignment contract to wholesale to a cash buyer? How does this work??

I have the exact same question, but in PA. I'm under contract for a property. I was the high bidder by $5,000. Now that I have had my contractors come through the house I think the deal is too lean for me with the hard money rates I will have to pay. I think it's still a good deal for a cash buyer. Is there any way I can make this work to my benefit as a wholesaler or do I have to just walk away? I hope the original poster doesn't mind me piggy backing!

@Mark Russell

Why can't you get money for the flip? If it's because the numbers are too thin, you're likely going to need to assign to buy/hold. I like the Fredericksburg area so hit me up if you want to discuss further. Perhaps there's a way to work together on it.  

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